• Pledge Calculator for qualMeter XT on Kickstarter

    for Multiple Items Pledging ONLY

    This is Not the Actual Campaign, it's a Pledge Calculator ONLY!

    It's not necessary to use this Calculator if you pledge one item only.​

    What is Pledge Calculator?

    Pledge Calculator is designed to help our Angels(Backers) who wanted to pledge Multiple Items in one Reward. Different discounts are applied based on the quantity you have pledged. The shipping cost is also going to be varied depending on the Quantity, Reward's Type and Your Location of course. It is highly recommended to use the calculator to avoid the complicity of the pledge calculation and to minimize mistakes.


    Please don't forget to let us know , by finishing STEP 4, if you have pledged multiple items in your Rewards. To keep both of us on the same page, so we won't mess it up when deliver them to you. Click here to check your multiple items in.

    STEP 1

    FIND the Reward you'd like to pledge in the following table

    Use the "+" and "-" to SET the Quantity of the Reward you wanted

    Same as on the Kickstarter, you can ONLY pledge one type of Rewards


    Notice: This Calculator is designed for pledging Maximum 10 Items in a Reward. If you wanted to pledge more than 10 items, please contact us first for the total amount.

    STEP 2

    SELECT your shipping destination

    The pledge calculation will be done Automatically

    You can then Select the value of the Total Pledge Amount and make a Copy

    STEP 3

    SELECT & COPY the Calculated Total Pledge Amount

    GO BACK to qualMeter XT Kickstarter Campaign

    PASTE the Copied Total Pledge Amount into the PLEDGE AMOUNT box

    STEP 4

    It is VERY IMPORTANT to Check your pledge In

    if you have pledged multiple items in your Rewards

    So we won't mess it up when deliver them to you