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    QooPow™ qualMeter


    A Smart USB Charging Cable & Charger Tester for Non-Tech People


    A Must Have Tool for Your Toolbox


    No electronic background is required!

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    See Through

    Cables & Chargers

    Find out the quality of a cable or charger in a glance.


    It makes you smarter on selecting your cable and charger.


    You'll never have to worry about buying a faulty charger ever again.

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    Fully Automatic, Designed for Non-Tech People & Businesses

    It's buttonless, simple, and stress free!


    QooPow™ qualMeter works right away when it's plugged in.


    You just simply read the LED quality indicators.

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    Short Circuit &

    Shielded Indication

    Safer & better charging


    Nip unsafe charging in the bud.


    Get faster and better data transfer speeds with a shielded cable.

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    Reversible USB Plug

    Plug it in the right way the first time, and every time.


    You'll never get the wrong direction.

  • What is a qualMeter ?

    QooPow™ qualMeter is a convenient smart-tool made for your household toolbox to fulfill the need of finding out the Quality of your USB Cables and Chargers in a glance.

    Why is there a need for this?

    There are too many low quality and compromised charging products in the market, especially 3rd-party charging cables and chargers. Many of them could make charging dangerous and slow. Surprisingly, there was no proper tool for normal (Non-Tech) people to find out the quality from all different kind of massive charging products in the market until now.


    QooPow™ qualMeters help to address your charging worries such as slow charging, cable/charger gets hot, shorted cables, slow data transfer speeds and so on. It also prevents you from unsafe charging by detecting defective cables and chargers.

    So what?

    The quality of charging cables and chargers has been long ignored by people. With rapid growing charging needs of mobile devices, more power consumption and bigger battery capacity, the charging current gets higher and higher to satisfy the charging speed.

    Based on physics, higher electric current requires a better current conductor (cable) and power transformer (charger) to handle in order to have better performance and most importantly to be safe. Not only low quality, faulty cables and chargers could be dangerous to use. Low quality cables can cause dramatic voltage drop which will slow down the charging or even lead to no charging at all.

    Types of qualMeter

    There are two types of qualMeters available for you, qualMeter Basic and qualMeter X. An electrical miniLoad is also available for qualMeter Basic to extend its charger testing range.


    qualMeter Basic is designed for non-tech people who have no idea about electrical stuff but know how to plug cables.


    qualMeter X is for experienced users as it has more advanced features which would require some basic electrical knowledge.

    qualMeter's Origins

    QooPow™ qualMeter was initially made for our internal lab demands as we are developing smart charging products for mobile devices. The purpose of making such a tool was based on the situation that we needed to roughly measure the different qualities of the cables/chargers and the impact on our products' performance. When some of our friends were showing their great interests in this little device, we started to realize that it could benefit others. Here you go!


    Special thanks to all of our Kickstarter Angels to help bringing this project alive!

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